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Five Nines?

SLAs are sometimes measured in percentage of downtime per contract period allowed, with common measurements being the number of nines in the percentage.  Five nines (99.999%) uptime is considered incredible and allows for a whole 5 minutes of downtime per year.  An SLA of 100% is considered bullshit and one should carefully review the accompanying contract.  Large public clouds offer three nines (99.9%), which translates to 8 hours 45 minutes of downtime per year.

Nope.  Five to Nine. does not charge high availability prices, nor do we offer a real SLA.  If an outage is due to a failure in our equipment or our upstream providers, we commit to fixing it as fast as we can responsibly do so.  Our maintenance windows take place outside of normal Mountain Time business hours.  Outages that can be resolved with configuration changes will be addressed within 12 hours.  Outages that require equipment servicing or replacement will be addressed as quickly as practical.  That being said, we take uptime seriously and make every practical effort to avoid outages. is intended for personal projects, hobby sites, labs, and other IT scenarios where downtime may be inconvenient but will not be a catastrophic event.  In the event of a severe outage, we will offer customers the option to accept a refund for the downtime or a no-penalty cancellation of their contract.