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  • 10 gigabit uplink to 10% of the internet, gigabit uplink to the remainder
  • gigabit out-of-band network with dedicated wireguard vpn
  • Equipment installation
  • One public IPv4 address per server
  • One IPv6 /64 subnet per account


Pay per KVA

  • $400 / KVA, measured 95th percentile in five minute increments
  • $250 account setup

Pay per cabinet

  • $600 / cabinet, 12A 120v
  • $1200 / cabinet, 16A 208v
  • $1500 cabinet setup fee

Remote hands

Remote hands pricing depends on the urgency and complexity of the remote hands task.  Non-urgent remote hands tasks are batch processed once a month.  Simple tasks, such as replacing hot-swap components, are free up to two hours per month and billed at the complex task rate afterwards.  Complex tasks, such as troubleshooting failed equipment, OS installation, or internal component replacement are billed at $150/hour or partial hour.  Urgent remote hands tasks are billed at $500/hour or partial hour.


  • Public IP Address: 
    • Shared subnet: $1/month/ipv4
    • Dedicated subnet: $1.50/month/ipv4.  Dedicated subnets will include non-usable gateway, broadcast, and network addresses.  Dedicated ipv4 subnets larger than /28 will require an address allocation plan.
  • Private VLAN: $25 setup fee, up to 5 vlans.  Contact us if your needs exceed this.
  • Additional network ports:
    • Gigabit RJ-45: $1/month
    • 10g SFP+: $2/month

Equipment requirements

  • 30" maximum depth
  • 4-post square hole mounting hardware required
  • IEC C14 power port (standard on most servers)