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  • Gigabit (UTP only) or 10 gigabit (SFP+ only) uplink.
    • IPv4 connectivity limited to 1 gigabit shared, 10 gigabit to select prefixes
    • IPv6 connectivity provided at 10 gigabit shared, no routes to AS174
  • Gigabit out-of-band network with dedicated wireguard vpn
  • Equipment installation
    • Includes power and network cables
  • One public IPv4 address per server
  • One IPv6 /64 subnet per account


Pay per KVA

  • $400 / KVA commitment, fractional KVA allotments allowed.  Repeated overages will result in a commitment recalculation and billing adjustment.
  • $250 account setup

Pay per cabinet

  • $600 / cabinet, 12A 120v
  • $1200 / cabinet, 16A 208v
  • $1500 cabinet setup fee


  • Public IP Address: 
    • Shared subnet: $1/month/ipv4
    • Dedicated subnet: $1.50/month/ipv4.  Dedicated subnets will include non-usable gateway, broadcast, and network addresses.  Dedicated ipv4 subnets larger than /28 will require an address allocation plan.
  • Private VLAN: $25 setup fee, up to 5 vlans.  Contact us if your needs exceed this.
  • Additional network ports:
    • Gigabit RJ-45: $1/month
    • 10g SFP+: $2/month
    • 40g QSFP+: $4/month

Equipment requirements

  • 30" maximum depth
  • 4-post square hole mounting hardware required
  • IEC C14 power port (standard on most servers)
  • SNMP read-only access to power usage OIDs or $100 install fee for equipment for which this is not available