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Uberduck offers premium remote hands service for San Francisco Bay Area datacenters.  Personnel are knowledgeable, communicative, and work efficiently.

Remote hands pricing depends on the facility, urgency, and complexity of the remote hands task.  Remote hands is generally limited to weekends and subject to availability.  Urgent remote hands outside these hours is available at a 4x premium ($600/hour or partial hour), including travel time.  Travel time is typically two hours round trip, but may greatly exceed this depending on datacenter and time of day.


Non-urgent remote hands tasks are batch processed once a month.  Simple tasks, such as replacing hot-swap components or installing patch cables, are free up to two hours per month with paid Uberduck colocation and billed at the complex task rate afterwards.  Complex tasks, such as troubleshooting failed equipment, OS installation, or internal component replacement are billed at $150/hour or partial hour.  Urgent remote hands tasks are billed at $600/hour or partial hour.

Work scope Minor, equipment in Uberduck cabinets Other
Next scheduled visit $150/hr, no minumum, 2 free hours/month $150/hr
Dedicated visit $150/hr, 2 hour minimum
Urgent $600/hr, 2 hour minimum, travel time billed

Other SF Bay Area DCs

Time spent on-site is billed at $150 / hour or partial hour.  Standard minimum fee of 2 hours will apply regardless of the time spent on-site.  Minimum fee may be waived if the work is not urgent and can be completed during the next scheduled visit to that DC.

Work scope Any
Next scheduled visit $150/hr
Dedicated visit $150/hr, 2 hour minimum
Urgent $600/hr, 2 hour minimum, travel time billed

Getting the most out of Remote Hands

  • Please provide instructions as clearly as possible.  A little bit of context goes a long way in helping your remote hands agent interpret instructions.
  • Rack diagrams or spreadsheets are highly encouraged.
  • Ensure that all shipments have arrived at the DC by the service date.  Provide tracking numbers and descriptions of each package.
  • Ensure that Uberduck personnel have been granted the required access by the service date.  Your remote hands agent will provide the necessary identification.
  • Arrange to be available to answer questions during the service window.  Even the best documentation is sometimes wrong or ambiguous, and clarification can prevent an outage or a return visit for the same issue.


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